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cross my palm with silver

I am open for divination requests.

If you signal-boost this post and I can see you've done it, I will draw one card-equivalent for you per signal boost. money for any further or more complex reading:

* 1 USD (or a link to a signal-boosting post) for a single card-equivalent in any system
* 3 USD for a three-card spread (this post is a useful resource) in any cards system
* 10 USD for a Celtic Cross spread or for any spread from Tarot Spreads of the Greek Gods (these vary in purpose and contain from six to sixteen cards; talk to me and we'll decide which is best for your question) with the Hanson-Roberts cards
* 10 USD for an asteroidal lithomancy reading (stones represent the first four asteroids and the casting cloth is astrological houses)
* 20 USD for a planetary lithomancy reading (stones represent planets and the casting cloth is astrological houses)

Divination systems I'm reading from for the single card-equivalents:

* Motherpeace Tarot cards
* Hanson-Roberts Tarot cards
* Homeric Oracle dice
* Greek Alphabet Oracle stones
* shufflemancy songs (give me a whole number greater than or equal to 0 and less than or equal to 24, and I'll skip that many songs on shuffle before hitting the one whose lyrics should contain your answer)
* Oracle Bones coins
* Hermes binary coins (the answer will be a strong or weak yes or a strong or weak no; craft your question especially carefully)

Leave a comment in this post, send me a Dreamwidth private message, or email me at alexeigynaix at gmail dot com, and I shall reply in the same manner.