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699.1.He.23 divination session

I am doing a divination session on 23-24 Hekatombaion. (That is, 23 Hekatombaion this year begins sunset Jul 16 but I'm not starting the divination till after sleeps, and I'll be wrapping up before heading to work the afternoon of Jul 18.) Every person who requests a reading will get a one-card reading or equivalent. In exchange I ask every querent to say something kind or encouraging to someone else at some point during the next few days.

Divination systems I'm reading from for the single card-equivalents:

* Motherpeace Tarot cards
* Hanson-Roberts Tarot cards
* Homeric Oracle dice
* Greek Alphabet Oracle stones
* shufflemancy songs (give me a whole number greater than or equal to 0 and less than or equal to 24, and I'll skip that many songs on shuffle before hitting the one whose lyrics should contain your answer)
* Oracle Bones coins
* Hermes binary coins (the answer will be a strong or weak yes or a strong or weak no; craft your question especially carefully) money for any more complex reading:

* 1 USD (or a link to a signal-boosting post) for a clarifying card-equivalent in any system
* 3 USD for a three-card spread (this post is a useful resource) in any cards system
* 10 USD for a Celtic Cross spread or for any spread from Tarot Spreads of the Greek Gods (these vary in purpose and contain from six to sixteen cards; talk to me and we'll decide which is best for your question) with the Hanson-Roberts cards
* 20 USD for a lithomancy reading (stones represent planets and the casting cloth is astrological houses)

Leave a comment in this post, send me a Dreamwidth private message, or email me at alexeigynaix at gmail dot com, and I shall reply in the same manner.
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One card would be appreciated on the subject of whether Tuesday's cent will go well for me.